July 2016

We’re here to help!

Here at Keystone we strive to help you with any queries or questions you may have on all technical aspects of stone, including maintenance, sealing and stone types. Feel free to look through the sections […]

March 2015

Monumental products in natural stone

Our craftsmen will sculpt your headstone to your specifications. We have a long tradition in sculpting headstones and we are experts in our field. This expertise ensures that our headstones are crafted to the highest […]

February 2015

Commercial Projects

Natural Stone for Architectural Projects

With our vast experience we can supply a wide range of natural stone for architectural projects. From interior natural stone features and flooring for private homes to exterior cladding on large commercial buildings we can […]

The selection of stone type will depend on your project

Unless you work with stone everyday you can’t expect to know it all. But we do. It’s why architects and designers consult with Keystone Supplies to acquire the best natural stone for their projects. We […]